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Non-Sterile Custom Procedure Trays


Custom procedure trays are made up of various solutions, instruments, and dressings of which are disposable (one time use,) or some of the items and instruments in these kits are re-cleaned and re-sterilized for the next use.

Custom procedure trays contain all the elements for specific medical procedures of an endless list. These custom procedure trays are in use within all areas of the medical industry, including dental offices, and eye care centers.

Third Party Trays

Sometimes these custom procedure trays are put together by third party companies to save the facility from hiring teams to put together these kits and install an autoclave or sterilization room.

These trays save medical professional time when taking care of the patient. Custom procedure trays help to simplify any medical procedure no matter how complicated or simple the procedure.

Facility Specific Trays

Many medical facilities are doing what they did years ago to save money. Facilities are designed sterilization and packing rooms on site with a team of trained professionals who put all kinds of sterile and non-sterile custom trays together, thus saving money from middleman costs. The patient saves money in this process.

Custom procedure trays can be sterile set-up or non-sterile setups.

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  • Admission Kits
  • Isolation kits or toxic waste bags
  • Arm board covers
  • Straps
  • Waste bags
  • Surgical admissions
  • These non-sterile procedure trays contain the essential equipment. Custom procedure trays offer efficiency and ease for the patient and professional. Using these trays helps the facility to remain in compliance with policy and procedures, also abiding by Federal guidelines.

    Facility Policy and Procedures Regarding Non-Sterile Custom Trays

    It is the policy and procedure of each medical facility, office, or clinic to routinely evaluate the necessity of each non-sterile custom tray and reevaluate the need for additional or the deletion of equipment contained in each tray.