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Popular Types of Custom Trays


In the surgical environment, sterility is imperative; which is where custom procedure trays come into the picture. They are essential for holding your surgical tools and related items, and the available models are varied enough to provide compartments for the full range of hand-held tools for which a seasoned surgeon might have use. The following is a small compilation of the custom procedure trays you might find inside a competent hospital.

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Custom Procedure Trays with Stands/Legs

Usually, you’ll find an assortment of custom procedure trays in the average surgeon’s lab; this can vary between perforated trays, legless custom trays and the same option with attendant stand for convenience. Stands can also be obtained separately; but sometimes, it’s more convenient to get one with the built-in apparatus. Surgeons find them useful for stable operating rooms, where their increased bulk isn’t a hindrance as it would be in an on-the-go kit. In the field, you can alternate between standing, sitting or trying to work in an otherwise awkward position; and stands are rarely necessary in such cases.

Multi-Tray Systems

A common site in a surgeon’s work space; the stackable, multi-tray system is useful for its durability – after all, you have to hold all the other custom procedure trays in place, right? It positions your multitude of trays within easy reach, while also affording the kind of organization that’s necessary in such a high-quality work environment. Your surgical instruments will be protected from contamination in these stackable trays, which also have a covering option for further protection.