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CPT Medical


Productivity Benefits of CPT Products

Custom Procedure Trays Optimize Your Practice

There are a number of reasons that use of custom procedure trays can optimize your healthcare operation. Several include:

  • Time Retention
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Customized Solutions

Time Retention

When you’ve got all the necessary implements gathered together and prepackaged by a professional provider of custom procedure trays, you don’t have to send a nurse, intern, or peer to collect implements. You don’t have to sterilize them–that’s already been done. Basically, you grab the tray, open it, and begin. If you perform ten operations a day, and custom procedure trays cut out five minutes per operation, you’ve conserved fifty minutes. In seven days, that’s 350 minutes, or five hours and fifty minutes. In a month, you’re looking at twenty-four hours and ten minutes. In a year, you save twelve days and two hours. And that’s not to mention the potentially life-saving possibilities. Depending on your area of practice, you may be able to actually save a life simply because you’ve got the tools you need when you need them.


If you’re saving twelve days and two hours every year, that’s a good chunk of change. What’s an hour worth to your operation? A hundred dollars, considering the cost of medicine, would likely be a very conservative estimate for virtually any medical practice. At that level, custom procedure trays could effectively save $29,000 annually in time alone. Then you’ve got the sterilization savings to consider. Certainly you should have on-site sterilization solutions available should all else fail. However, if you’ve got custom procedure trays, then you never really need to sterilize on-site except in emergency. Essentially, you can off-set the time and energy costs usually associated with such sterilization.


Custom procedure trays are put together to your specifications–hence the word “custom”. That means a surgeon can get exactly the tools he or she needs for any operation. Again, this can save time and money, as manually preparing surgery tools doesn’t happen instantaneously, and oftentimes those working with you will need a little assistance when it comes to determining the right tools. Again, you’ll have time losses here–and especially in some areas of operation, that could mean a patient is lost. Certainly it depends on the primary discipline of your medical practice. A dentistry facility is less likely to see life-and-death situations than an emergency room is. Still, with the right custom trays, you have an added layer of operational security–and that’s very important in medicine.

Custom Tray Considerations

There are several things you need to keep in mind if you decide to adopt the profit-conserving, productivity-enhancing auspices of custom procedure trays.

  • Assembly Of Custom Trays
  • Acquisition Of Proper Components
  • Methods Of Sterilization
  • Pre-delivery Storage
  • Transportation
  • On-Site Storage

You want custom procedure trays assembled by industry professionals, because otherwise components could get mixed up or compromise sterilization. Additionally, such professionals will be able to get the right kind of components. Medical equipment needs to be strong enough for the task at hand–you don’t want some cut-rate solution. Also, the way in which components of custom procedure trays are sterilized must be of the finest professional quality. As well, when trays are assembled, they must be safely stored before they are transported to you. Transportation itself definitely requires industry-professional acumen.

Finally, when you store your custom procedure trays, you’ve got to do it right for highest productivity. They shouldn’t be too near the ceilings or the walls. You may or may not be able to store them on top of one another, depending on the implements in the trays. But store them right and you’ll definitely increase productivity.