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Proper Management of Custom Trays


Custom trays for your medical practice can be essential as they were designed to your specification. These custom trays allow you to have the right medical equipment on hand to get the job right the first time. Most medical practices agree that having custom surgical trays make their jobs much easier. However, you have to ask yourself is there proper care and management to how you should handle your custom trays? The answer is yes, and today we will go over the proper management techniques of how you can care for your custom trays. Let’s get started!

Proper Handling & Storage

Your custom trays are important, and you should take care of them properly. If something were to happen to your custom trays, then it is a process to order and wait for new ones. This is why proper handling and storage are important for your custom trays. The following steps are important for your custom trays, which include:

  • Surgical trays that are custom should be placed in a safe area.
  • Custom trays should be locked up so it’s not a liability if there are children around.
  • Custom trays should be kept in a sterile environment.

Benefits of Custom Surgical Trays

The most obvious benefit of having a custom surgical tray is you will save time, which equals savings. By properly managing custom trays you will increase the effectiveness of you and your medical staff. Having these custom surgical trays will cut down on prep time, letting you focus on the task at hand.

You also have to take into consideration that a general surgical tray will allow you to handle an abundance of different procedures from infant deliveries and C-Sections to facial surgeries. You would be surprised on how many procedures you could accomplish with the general surgical trays, but custom surgical trays give you a variety of more options.

Custom Surgical Tray Costs

The benefit of having these surgical trays on hand is everything is put together how you want it, and you won’t have to go to a medical supply company and buy everything separately, which can be expensive. The custom surgical trays are actually very cost-effective and the savings for these custom surgical trays are very competitive across the market.

Considering how much time and money custom surgical trays can save medical practices it’s a surprise that more medical establishments don’t’ use them. Although, most medical centers don’t have a clue that they can order these surgical trays at low prices. Proper management for these custom trays is not that difficult as they make life a bit easier day to day.