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Quick Tips on Custom Surgical Trays


Customized for a number of different purposes and procedures, surgical trays are basically utilized at medical care facilities as a way to carry sterilized surgical instruments. These rectangular shaped tray packs are made of stainless steel and are extremely durable when it comes to being moved around and remaining clean and sterilized. When needed for a procedure, the appropriate surgical tray can be selected and then opened inside of the operating room or location of the procedure. Custom surgical trays can be very convenient for medical facilities as it allows you to select a customized pack of tools that will not only be convenient but also cost effective.

Custom Trays

There are a number of surgical tray companies that allow you to completely customize the surgical trays that you buy for your facility. These custom tailored packages allow you to accomplish a number of things:

  • Custom layering inside each of the packages will provide specific tools needed in a compact space.
  • Custom labeling makes it easy to select the necessary surgical tray and know what is in it when a patient is in need of care.
  • Customizing surgical trays means you can select every last item that goes into your pack. This means if there is a tool that typically isn’t used for a certain procedure but your facility likes to incorporate it, you can include it.
  • Each clinician at the facility can create their own custom surgical trays that will work well for them and their technicians.

Ideally, finding a great company for this use will ensure you see a fast turnaround time and great customer service.
Once you have created your customized packs you can reorder with ease, reducing the time staff members spend on administrative duties.

Surgical Tray Packs

There are a number of customizable surgical trays that you can choose from to get you started. These include the following but are not limited to:

  • Biopsy packs
  • ENT packs
  • Vascular packs
  • Emergency first aid packs
  • Cysto packs
  • Cath Lab packs

Custom surgical trays are ideal for a number of medical facilities. This includes hospitals, surgical centers, ambulatory centers, medical offices, health systems and much more. Rather than needing to order separate and specific products; stocking and organizing your items yourself, custom trays keeps everything safe, clean and in one convenient spot. In turn your staff can focus more on patient care and serving the community without having to worry about restocking items.