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Different types of sterilizations for surgical trays


Methods Of Sterilization

One of the reasons custom trays have become so popular in medicine is because they can be used immediately; they’re pre-packaged and pre-sterilized exactly for this purpose. The world is not always ideal, though; and the proper means of sterilization can be complicated and must be thorough. Meanwhile, custom trays definitely have a high quotient of convenience, and have quickly become a preferred option by a ubiquity of practices. Beyond this method of maintaining operational equipment, the CDC specifies two primary means by which trays become sterilized:

  • Steam Sterilization
  • Flash Sterilization

This writing will give a quick exposition of both sterilization methods, then look at how sterilization in conjunction with custom trays may actually provide the best possible scenario for continuous operations. What good are custom trays if you run out and no shipment is available for a month? Custom trays are convenient and life saving, but unless there is some additional means of support, they can actually end up being a crippling agent in the end.

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too, you can’t trust solely in custom trays; what if you fun out, or a shipment is late? So, in an ideal world, a medical practice performing surgery is going to use a combination of custom trays, steam sterilization procedures, and flash sterilization procedures. This will allow for the greatest financial retention while incorporating secondary means of necessary support