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Different Ways of Packaging Custom Trays?


Custom surgical trays are highly famed for their convenience. Their ability to bundle multiple functionality onto one tray not only makes them theater friendly but also makes the easier to transport and dispose. Since custom tray designers will always have packing and racking in mind, they will put them in the best packing options possible.

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that clinic management has to instill when storing and preparing traditional trays.

This extends over to disposal. The custom tray can go back to the packaging it came in or you can slip them into clinical bags ready for disposal. If you are lucky, choose something that allows you to repackage without posing a biohazard. This will help you tap deeper into the benefits of custom trays.

Packaging a custom tray stock might sound like a complication to anyone who was used to traditional surgical supplies and trays. However, the fact that the manufacturer has adapted everything to suite your use case means that the trays will store away almost naturally.

This is why custom trays more of a convenience. They are a perfect way to increase efficiency in the operation room by limiting the number of procedures needed to get the right equipment from the store, use it and dispose it off safely.