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When it comes to medical facilities, there are sometimes unnecessary expenses that could be optimized if you only took the time to promote cost savings within your facility. You don’t have to cut corners to become cost-efficient; you just have to adopt new methodology when it comes to management.

One of the best ways to help save on costs is through that of custom surgical trays. Experts in the medical field agree that these trays are time-saving and cost-efficient.

Today, we will go into further detail of how your medical practice can utilize savings with custom surgical trays.

Perform an Itemized Audit

When there is a procedure at your facility, many times the staff will use items they need. A lot of time many items are taken from different procedural kits, but aren’t utilized correctly, and excessive items are discarded.

If you think about how much waste happens in your facility, then maybe it’s time you do an itemized audit. You will be able to tell which items are being properly utilized and which ones are not. You can also utilize supply data within the audit.

Supply data helps determine the overall cost per surgical procedure, and you may be able to influence the decision for the implementation of surgical custom trays. For instance, you can use the data to:

  • Explain the expenses incurred in ordering, stocking, maintaining, and picking regular supplies.
  • Demonstrate the impact custom procedure trays would have on operation room setup as well as turnover time.
  • Explain the impact of staff getting in and out of the theatre suite in search of supplies.

You’ll also be able to compare the cost of purchasing each individual product for a procedure against the savings that would be made if the products were bundled into a custom surgical tray. Likewise, you will be in a position to demonstrate the costs saved between every procedure when custom surgical trays are used.

Custom Surgical Tray Analytics

Thanks to technology and data analytics you will be able to implement the proper implementation of custom surgical trays, after all a surgical tray can contain around 50 items.

When you use data analytics, you will be able to customize according to what you deem necessary. You will also be able to identify opportunities to what to include and exclude to cut waste out of these trays to save time without compromising the quality of the health care you provide.

With the data analytics you can adjust according to the levels of surgeries you performed. Likewise, you can capitalize on technology to replace surgical components with cost-efficient, but clinically high-quality equivalent products. This gives you an accurate baseline of overall supply cost of every procedure.

Adapting a Custom Surgical Trays Benefit Strategy

Some of the key benefits when it comes to custom surgical trays include:

  • Save Time – As they say time is the most precious commodity, and the traditional surgical tray takes time to prepare. You’ll cut down on employee waste, and this translates to reduced operating costs.
  • Bulk Ordering – Ordering the custom surgical trays you want cuts down significant costs and reduces waste.
  • Efficiency for Your Facility– Custom surgical trays promote efficiency in your medical facility, which means you can see more patients. Patients will also appreciate this as their time is important as well.

Final Thoughts

Medical waste needs to be addressed, and by proper use of both audits and data supply is helping achieve the optimization in the health care profession. Custom surgical trays help utilize this optimization by keeping costs low and making medial facilities more efficient.