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Are There Different Types of Custom Procedure Trays?

There is no doubt that custom procedure trays are one of the best inventions in the world of medical practice. You will definitely be forced to think of the best custom procedure tray whether you need to perform a surgery or just want to carry your tools. Rather than using medical stock models, the following types of custom procedure trays could come in handy when conducting different procedures;

  • Surgical trays with stands

Traditional custom procedure trays may just be good but surgical trays with stands may be better especially if you’re going to operate in a position that suits it best. Unless you’re operating on the ground, a stand will always come in handy whenever you’re standing in an actual operating room.

  • Single-use custom procedure trays

Single – use instruments are mostly used outside the operating room. If you’re going to working in the field, it’s crucial to carry medical kits that you can easily dispose of. Carrying a single – use custom procedure tray on the go can turn out to be a wise decision since we can never predict where and when accidents are going to happen. It’s better to always be prepared well.

  • Covered and stackable custom trays

It’s important that you choose the right custom procedure trays as well as the right instruments for any given procedure. It might be challenging to determine how many custom trays you may need to be prepared for a surgery long before you begin. Similarly, it’s not easy to tell how many trays you’re going to use at any given time. Therefore, you need to have many trays that are not only strong but also durable. Such sturdiness will go a long way in ensuring that your pile of custom trays is safe and sound before any given procedure. Strong custom trays will also protect the surgical instruments inside from any contamination or debris that might compromise a procedure.

  • On the go kits

A custom tray of minor tools can always turn out to be useful and convenient when the need to use it arises. Other than the fact that custom trays carry basic medical kits, they’re also very useful when the time for immediate medical attention comes; whether major or minor. During such scenarios, you’re guaranteed of possessing a set of sterile surgical instruments that are safe to use.

  • Perforated instrument tray

Using a perforated custom tray may be useful in two ways; First, it allows air to freely circulate in the tray. Second, the perforations allow for fluids or drainage to exit and fall out of the tray. No one likes using a wet surgical instrument, so with the perforations, you will have a place for the cleaning solution and water to run to once you clean the surgical equipment. These merits can be considered as the “icing on the cake” for a custom tray given that there is the convenience of having instantly accessible equipment.

It is worth noting that you should always choose the right custom tray and medical tools to use for any given operation. It’s also important to mention that while preparing for a procedure at an ideal location such as a hospital setting, you might also be forced to deal with a situation that occurs anywhere and was not planned for. Nevertheless, all the types of custom trays mentioned above are useful irrespective of the location they’re used since they serve the same purpose.


Cost Benefits of Custom Trays

A custom tray is a pack that carries single-use instruments that medical professionals use to conduct procedures in operating rooms. The medical device commercial delivers the items contained on the tray to the surgical room in a single hygienic parcel. The industry works closely with medics to ensure the pack is dispatched promptly and in a cost-effective manner. Full custom surgical trays may include the following;

  • Cardiac catheters
  • Stitches
  • Wound dressing
  • Surgical blades
  • Implants
  • Drapes and
  • Surgical wipes

Minimized costs

Hospitals today are faced with many challenges including cost-cutting and increasing efficiency. Research lauds NHS for coming up with custom procedure trays. Custom trays have indeed been effective in cutting costs by a large extent. One of the ways CPT does this is through minimizing administrative costs that medical personnel used to endure before they came on board. Custom trays have achieved this through collective stocking of supplies necessary for procedures. The purchase of custom surgical trays in hospitals has also significantly reduced the cost of medical equipment. The reason being it’s more economical to buy a set of medical supplies than buying them individually. Through bulk purchases, medical facilities have been able to save on money that is then redirected to other projects. Moreover, custom trays help prevent the purchase of unnecessary tools. Custom trays also cut on costs through the following ways;

  • The administrative burden of controlling costs has been eased since the time spent on monitoring and ordering inventory has been cut down.
  • It minimizes adjustments and departmental requisition of the inventory at any given time.
  • Procedure packs reduce the risk of surgical items expiring, therefore, reducing the cost required to order for a fresh inventory
  • It helps medical professions work ingeniously and convey more procedures in record-breaking time. Some facilities have reported having increased their general surgical procedures by 35% through the use of custom trays

How CPT is economically viable

The use of Custom procedure trays is deployed in one of the most cost-intensive areas of any medical facility. The high cost includes everything from pre-op to post-op procedures which may be directly depended on each other. The operation room may turn out to generate revenue contingent to how the medical facility is organized. The professionals working in this part of the hospital may achieve that through certain practices that save on costs such as using custom trays. A custom procedure tray contains a wide array of medical instruments assembled in accordance with the requirements of a particular session in the operating room. In simple terms, many packages are integrated to form a single package. The use of custom trays in operating rooms is therefore useful in optimizing processes throughout any health facility. Consequentially, custom trays simplify the entire material management process right from receiving the instruments to storing them. This means that there will be more money saved that could be used for other purposes including many other areas of the medical facility or even its services.

The use of custom surgical trays has significantly improved service delivery in health facilities. There’s need for all medical facilities among other facilities to have custom trays. Custom procedure trays can help medical facilities to quickly respond to surgical procedures in due time without any mishaps. Moreover, health professionals recommend that all the procedures scripted in the custom procedure tray manual should be thoroughly adhered to.


What is a Custom Surgical Tray?

A custom procedure tray, whose abbreviation is CPT, is a collection of medical equipment created to provide disposable items which are used during surgery. They are usually designed and set up for your specific procedure needs. The contents of a custom procedure tray are packed together and delivered in a single sterile pack. The CPT mostly contains surgical blades, stitches, lesion dressing, heart catheters, surgical wipes, implants and surgical drapes.

What a good CPT should offer you:

– Cost efficiency

When you consider purchasing a custom procedure tray, it is highly advised to ensure that it saves money and it is thoroughly effective. This will elevate the efficiency of your operating room since it takes up less time. Also, your staff will be under minimum pressure. To add up on that, you will notice that your patient throughput increases.

– Reliability 

Do you want to offer best services to your patients? Every medic wants that; so, when buying a CPT make sure it can match your procedural needs to the highest quality standards. A good custom procedure tray presents the right component required for a surgical intervention in time and the right configuration.

– A variety of choices

A good CPT contains many medical devices. You don’t want to find yourself in an operating room, and there is a shortage of the devices you need to carry out a procedure. An extensive choice of surgical components specially selected for your clinical requirements should always be available.

– Flexibility

Every clinic has got unique surgical procedural needs. The tray you buy has to accommodate pack changes within weeks. This is due to outbreaks of different diseases which occur due to change of the climate and seasons.

– Quality certification

Quality certification is critical in competitive markets and medicine is one of them. The organization that you get your custom procedure tray should meet the statutory and regulatory requirements of the product.

– Reduced set-up time

Your theatre staff will sometimes want to be relieved of other duties. To achieve this, your custom tray should contain fewer products to open. You will also find out that your product ordering and stock control processes are more streamlined.

– Sterilization

In medicine, proper hygiene is observed. Your custom procedure tray should be presented in an easy format. That ensures that there is reduced risk of contamination. If not properly sterilized there is a possibility that your medical team will get infected.

– Waste reduction

Less packaging provides fewer items to dispose of. This is a good way to keep your environment clean. Reduction in the bags of waste used in your hospital can be cost-effective, time-saving and raises the caliber of care.

– No surprises

Custom procedure Trays provide an assurance that there will be no changes made to your tray without your consent.

Most modern hospitals are embracing the idea of owning custom procedure trays. That is because they are more cost-effective even in cases where there are less medical personnel. When you adopt one in your health facility, you improve the service offered. Your theatre staff will not experience stress anymore since they will spend less time at work. The custom trays you purchase for your hospital should be purpose-fit for the procedures you carry out there. That way your staff will do their job more efficiently.


How a Custom Tray will Benefit Your Lab

As a clinician, you know that you are going to need a custom surgical pack that contains single-use devices necessary for medical procedures. Most surgical packs contain:

  • Drapes
  • Surgical swabs
  • Sutures
  • Surgical blades
  • Wound dressing

If necessary, you can add specialized devices added to your kits such as implants and cardiac catheters. There are some labs and medical facilities that will set each item of separately and others who use custom trays. Of the two options, using custom trays has more benefits.

Saves Money

Custom trays make it possible for practitioners to carry out procedures faster. According to medical institutions who have switched to using custom trays, they have been able to increase their daily procedures by 30 to 40 percent. Custom trays also save money on the administrative side. Custom trays save time on keeping tabs on all of the inventory and ordering what is needed. Finally, custom trays will save money on deliveries. When custom trays are ordered, it can greatly reduce the number of deliveries necessary.

Saves Time

It can be very time-consuming for the staff to pick and prepare all of the tools necessary for procedures. When custom trays are used, picking and preparing won’t be necessary. Also, custom trays avoid the need to take inventory of various different instruments in stock. The time that is saved by using custom trays


Custom trays are the best option because all of the right equipment will be in the right place. There is nothing worse than a medical professional needing an instrument to find that it isn’t there. When medical facilities create their own trays, it is not uncommon for an item to be missing occasionally due to human error. This wouldn’t be an issue with custom trays. Also, because all of the instruments would be all in one pack, it would make it easier to trace the batch.

Environmental Benefits

Custom trays are environmentally friendly. The amount of waste generated by custom trays is 50 percent less than other tray set-ups.

Increased Efficiency

It doesn’t take long at all to set up a procedure when you are using a custom tray. It also doesn’t take much time to clean up after. This saves the medical facility a great deal of time both before and after the procedures. Thanks to this extra time, more patients can be seen and they can get in and out of the procedure room faster. When a medical facility works at its maximum efficiency, it will result in the facility making more money.

Setting up procedure trays is less expensive, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly than setting up trays before each procedure. Also, there is no risk of forgetting anything before the procedure, which can delay the procedure. Considering all of the benefits of custom trays, more and more medical facilities are using them today.


Saving Time During Surgery with Custom Trays

As a surgeon, performing a surgery requires adequate preparation. During the different surgeries, surgical trays play crucial roles in determining the success of the procedure. That being said, custom surgical trays come into the picture especially in surgeries where time is precious and any wasted minute could spell a loss of life.

Compared to non-custom surgical trays, the custom ones are always handy for saving time. Be it in their design, type, or usage, custom trays are every surgeon’s go-to option for speedy operations in trying to save lives. Read on to find out how you can save time when performing a surgery with a custom tray.

Disposable Trays

You can as well refer to these trays as on-the-go kits. When tasked with a quick surgery with limited preparation time, opting for a custom tray that comes with all the necessary equipment you need can be life-saving. You will be ready in no time. In the process of choosing disposable custom trays, one has to foot the costs they attract. Nevertheless, the cost will be worth it as a speedy can be the difference between life and death.

Ease of Sterilization

A custom surgical tray is more likely to consider ease of sterilization in its design compared to non-custom options. Keeping that in mind means the former should always be your pick for operations that must happen fast. The tray will allow for a quick and straightforward sterilization to save as much time as possible.

Custom Trays with Stands

When performing a surgery in the operating room, you will most likely be standing. As such, a custom tray with built-in stands will help you save time when reaching for tools. In adjusting the height of the stands, it will be easy to ensure the equipment are within arm’s length hence speeding your steps during the procedure.

Sturdy and Well-Manufactured

Given the wide range of trays available, the custom options that are stable should be your preferred choice. Such strong trays will allow you to stack as many as necessary without breaking any tool. Having many trays readily available will ensure no time-wasting in looking for additional ones if the surgery ends up taking many hours.

Perforated Trays

Besides allowing fast sterilization, custom trays have another useful feature -perforations- that goes a long way in saving important time. The perforations allow air flow for proper aeration for the packed tools. At the same time, perforations will be handy to allow fluids to drain away. You will also find it easy to clean your surgical tools on such trays since water and the cleaning agent will run through the holes.

Time-saving Design

It is clear that custom trays are ideal as a surgeon when you want to save time in an operation. You can easily find custom surgery trays whose dimensions and weight are well thought out and help in consolidating time in any surgery.

Having noted how using a custom tray can help save time in surgery, what remains is for you to choose one based on the prevailing operation needs. You can consider the following features when choosing the correct tray:

  • The cost
  • Manufacturer
  • General design
  • Shipping time and requirements

In most surgeries, time is an important factor. This means you can easily overlook the cost of acquiring custom trays because of their time-saving aspect. After all, it is through life that one can make money.


How Does the Surgical Pack Reduce Costs

Qualified experts in cost management for Operating Rooms agree that the most cost effective innovation within the medical arena that has also been most productive in increasing quality of treatments plus eliminating waste is the implementation of surgical custom trays. Waste reduction is achieved by reducing overstocking, a custom trays improvement that also saves in personnel duties. The consequent reduction of medical hazard waste helps minimize our carbon footprint while simultaneously increasing the treatment success for individual procedures and the more complicated surgical procedures.

Full Service and Procedure Enhancing

Custom trays or procedure packs are full-service custom trays that are delivered fully assembled and efficiently combine specific surgical supplies in the number and order they are most often required. This innovation ensures patients the highest safety and professional delivery, along with the hospital’s efficient disposal of OR medical waste and other logistics favoring options.

Operating Room Improvements

Improvements of custom trays in the OR include:

  • Efficiency

Supplies being well stocked and at hand with safety correct procedures reduce administrative costs, time and stress endured by professional personnel.

  • Pre-Op Requirements

It is vitally important for you and your Operating Room staff to have purpose-fit custom products in the pre-op theater that are always immediately available so your staff can quickly prepare for any surgery procedure safely and without error.

  • Timely Operating Room Schedules

Surgical procedures providing Operating Room procedure custom trays are able to begin and end as scheduled, due to having products supporting all aspects of safe efficient surgery immediately at hand. This is due to the entire sterile surgical work up being professionally provided on prepared customized surgical trays in utilizing hospitals, giving Operating Room professionals immediate access to tools your medical skills require for each Operating Room procedure that is undertaken.

  • Single Use Products

Sterile materials which are required for single use are packed in efficiency boosting single use individual custom trays. Compact custom trays save time and prevent unnecessary waste in performing those specific single use Operating Room procedures, and the custom trays are also quickly available for any repetitive procedures performed.

Summary of Custom Tray Cost Reduction

Your facility’s carbon footprint reduction and securing sustainable environmental practices without undermining any and all safety factors represents both a local and global importance. Custom surgical tray implementation always will drastically reduce the amount of packaging material and waste issues when compared to the use of individually packed and arranged instruments for your procedures. Packaging material weight due to the Operating Room’s implementation of custom trays alone is reduced by 58%, usually resulting in one less waste bag in the Operating Room’s larger medical procedures. That reduction of one waste bag results in a reduction of the hospital’s global carbon footprint as well as your facility’s operating costs.

The combined and assessed impact of custom trays’ utilization in reducing excess procurement stocking while effectively diminishing the carbon impact of medical waste can only be estimated, but the estimation suggests that the green earth improvement caused by this one professional innovation of custom trays in the Operating Room is of monumental global importance.

The Process of Sterilizing Surgical Devices

Surgeons hands holding and passing surgical instrument to other doctor while operating patient. Resuscitation medicine team holding steel medical tools saving patient. Surgery and emergency concept

In Past Years

Sterilization of surgical devices is a vital process in the field of medicine. Years ago in the 1970’s and before medical facilities had sterilization rooms, autoclave rooms, or central supply rooms, equipped with the needed devices to sterilize medical tools and equipment.

After this highly trained person purifies and repackages the tool trays, they deliver the packages to each department where they are ready for the next sterile procedure for the doctor or nurse.

Non-sterile versus Sterile

Non-sterile equipment is for noninvasive procedures. Tools and equipment needed for invasive body procedures where the doctor must break the patient’s skin are known as sterile procedures requiring the use of sterile tools.

Third-Party Companies

Gradually, many medical facilities began to hire third-party sterilization businesses to collect tools and equipment from medical facilities to clean or sterilize and repackage these trays and deliver them back to facilities. These companies, contracted by medical facilities arrange specific times and days to pick up contaminated tools and equipment.

By hiring third-party companies, medical facilities no longer have to designate unique autoclaving rooms and continually train staff to work the autoclaves and learn how to package up sterile tool trays.

Third-party companies clean non-sterile tools and equipment as well as tools and equipment that they must sterilize. These supplies are medical and surgical supplies and machines.

Companies clean, prepare, process, store, and redeliver. Medical facilities find that they save thousands of dollars a year by hiring a third company.

Sterilization Process

The process these companies clean or sterilize tools and equipment are as follows.

All tools and equipment are cleaned to remove debris, including blood from the items. The technician cleans tools by using a soft brush, and an FDA approved detergent. The technician cleans the inside, outside, locks, hinges, and every inch of the item.

The technician thoroughly rinses each item with warm water only.

The technician cleans the tool again by putting in warm water, and a mild FDA approved detergent. Appropriate tools for specific procedures are laid out on a cloth on a tray and wrapped specially for the autoclaving process.

An autoclaving machine uses steam as a gas sanitizer. The pressure inside the device increases when the temperature increases. The steam sends off droplets of energized water that goes through the item and when autoclaving completes the items (s) inside is sterilized and ready for use. Autoclaving medical tools are the most used and trusted and reliable way to remove all bacteria and germs.

Methods Used in Sterilization of Medical Tools

There are several different ways in which the technician sterilizes items. They are as follows.

A steam heated autoclave machine comes in many different sizes and is similar to a pressure cooker canister and can sterilize instruments of all sizes and shapes, hollows, solids, and liquids. Autoclave steam kills all germs, bacteria, and spores. Hot water alone does not kill any germs or bacteria, but steam does the job of sterilizing.

There are some objects in which boiling hot water does kill surface germs and bacteria such as rubber, some plastics, and metal tools.

Most of the tools and equipment found in medical facilities are metal. The technician uses boiling water to sterilize metal tools, rubber or plastic when water starts to boil the item go in for 20 minutes. At the end of 20 minutes, the technician carefully removes the items with sterilized tongs. The items are immediately moved to a sterilized container.

Companies may also use sterilization techniques that utilize chemicals, such as filtration, ionizing radiation, hydrogen peroxide, gas plasma, ethylene gas, or dry heat.

cpt_advantage_procedureImproving Efficiency with a Custom Surgical Tray

The operations room is among the most delicate places in any health care facilities. Lives can be saved or futures ruined depending on surgery room efficiency and cleanliness. Over time, surgeons, health care administrators and researchers have spent a fortune trying to figure out the best way to keep the theater sterile in an affordable way. The result of this hard work points to one innovation – the custom surgical tray.

A custom surgical tray is a sterile set of equipment that has virtually all the tools a health expert needs to perform a specific surgical procedure. The custom tray is built with the needs of the end user in mind, meaning that it will only have the tools needed for a specific procedure. The surgical tray also comes sterilized and sealed making it ready for use at any time.

There are many benefits that come with deploying custom surgical trays across a health facility.

No Time Wasted Preparing Trays

Regular operations room needs an orderly to keep track of all the surgical equipment and ensure that it is sterile before and after an operation. This means that management has to hire extra staff dedicated to keeping all equipment ready for an operation. Apart from just hiring extra manpower, the extra work translates into extra resources in terms of electricity or unrelated equipment needed to sterilize. A custom tray means that there’s no spending extra time or resources preparing the tools needed to handle an operation.

Reduced Room for Error

If you purchase the right custom trays, you will give your staff the right amenities for any procedure hence reducing the minutes wasted waiting for an assistant to pass the right tool. A surgeon or the physician doing the operation can learn a custom tray’s orientation, know the tools to expect and where to get them whenever he or she reaches out.

This consistency minimizes the room for error hence saving you costly malpractice law suits and upholding your facility’s good reputation.

Less Resource Wastage

Buying unpackaged surgical equipment is quite the gamble. It is hard to tell if you have enough or if you have overstocked. Custom surgical trays solve this problem by giving a good estimate of what kind and amount of equipment you need to handle a given procedure.

For instance, you will get the right equipment needed for a C-Section if you purchase the right custom tray as opposed to buying each bit of equipment independently and trying to come up with your own sterile contraption.

Couple this with the fact that it is easier to store the neatly packed custom trays and you find saving on both space and resources.

Streamlined Waste Disposal

Once you are done with the custom trays, you can always use their packaging to prepare them for disposal. Getting rid of hazardous medical waste can be expensive. Packaging it right to ensure that it won’t be a biohazard takes a lot of time and resources. Custom trays try to eliminate the hassle by giving you reusable packaging that doubles up as the disposal containers.

If you are lucky, you can sign a contract with your supplier and have them handle all the used tray disposal at subsidized costs.

Custom surgical trays are synonymous with efficiency and safety. They are a great way to cut down on the time and resources you use when preparing for any given operation or cleaning up after a procedure. They will help you improve your throughput without watering down the quality of service rendered.


How Custom Trays Can Help You Save Money

A custom tray is a pack containing single-use medical products that medical professionals use to conduct procedures in operating rooms. These items are usually assembled to form a single package in a manner that best suits a particular procedure in the operating room. A full custom surgical tray includes the following;

  • Surgical blades
  • Stitches
  • Drapes
  • Cardiac catheters
  • Surgical wipes
  • Implants and
  • Wound dressing

Custom trays have provided solutions to major challenges facing health facilities such as efficiency and cost reduction. Other than saving lives, increasing efficiency, and saving time, Custom trays can help you save a great deal of money through the following ways.

Significantly reducing costs

The invention of custom trays has come in handy to help institutions such as health facilities to minimize costs. The collective stocking of medical items for use during procedures has significantly reduced costs that would otherwise be used to purchase the items one after another. Custom trays have also played a major in ensuring administrative costs have been used properly. Custom procedure trays can also help you cut on costs through the following ways;

  • Minimizing demand for medical equipment in various departments
  • Custom trays lower the burden of controlling costs by the administration through minimizing the relative time and miscellaneous costs spent on ordering and monitoring inventory.
  • The longevity of medical instruments carried in a custom tray is more likely to be longer hence reducing the need for buying new products every now and then.
  • Custom trays give medical professionals an opportunity to work well and conduct procedures in record time. As a result, you can be able to retain clients and even win prospective ones. Research indicates that custom trays have made some facilities realize a 35 percent increase in procedures conducted due to its convenience.

Health facilities experience significant costs in all activities right from pre-op to post-op. For this reason, custom trays are utilized in such cost-intensive areas to curtail the costs. The trays help optimize activities in medical institutions and thus lead to a reduction of costs and maximization of profit.

You can conveniently order for a customized procedure tray for any procedure or surgery you may need. You can commission for your tray to be tailor-made in any way of your liking. The manufacturers usually assemble all the items into one pack. A shipment of the trays will be made to your location once you make your order, meaning you will always have a steady supply of medical instruments when need be, even in emergency situations. The trays significantly minimize the time and costs involved in on-site sterilization as well as regular energy costs associated with local sterilization procedures. It also allows such local sterilization processes to be replaced with tertiary positions as emergency sterilization methods instead of primary ones. Therefore, the custom trays become readily available at all times. You are not likely to incur costs during the heating and steaming processes of sterilization.

It’s thus evident that custom procedure trays may go a long way in helping you save money while performing operations efficiently and in record time.

Why You Should Choose CPT

Surgeon with surgical tool on tray in operation room at hospital

The introduction of custom procedure trays (CPT) has brought about efficiency, reliability, and consistency in medical procedures. CPTs are fully assembled trays that contain all the equipment required for a surgical procedure according to the order and the amount by which they are used. The use of custom procedure trays does not only ensure there is professional service delivery but also elevates patient safety and promotes efficacy in the disposal of medical waste.

The following are some of the reasons why you should choose a custom procedure tray;

  • Saves time

If you want to start and finish your procedure on a timely schedule, you should consider using a custom tray. The trays carry everything you need for a surgical procedure hence there is no time wasted especially when looking for instruments. The trays provide all the necessary tools for each medical procedure hence the surgical team can begin and end the surgery within a reasonable time.

  • Minimizes costs

Purchasing custom procedure trays will go a long way in cutting on costs of medical equipment. It is economical to buy a set of instruments then buy them as individual medical supplies. Buying in bulk will help you save money and redirect the funds to other critical projects.

  • Easy to clean up

Through the use of custom procedure trays, you will be able to reduce the carbon print of your facility. Custom trays reduce the amount of packaging material used in packing each surgical instrument individually, therefore protecting the environment.

  • Stress relief

You can forget about the frustrations you would get when trying to assemble the necessary surgical supplies if you didn’t have a custom tray. Apart from reducing administrative costs, CPT also eliminates the time and struggle you would go through when assembling items to be used in the operating room.

  • Enhances efficiency in medical services

Deploying custom surgical trays ensures you can perform your duties more efficiently since you will have all the tools you need to perform a surgery. Better performance by your medical personnel will result in increased number of clients who are confident in the services offered at your facility. This will eventually result in increased revenue that can be utilized to elevate the facility in other aspects.

  • Crucial in home care use, nursing, and hospice

Hospices and nursing homes greatly benefit the community through medical equipment such as custom trays. These medical tools are very important, especially during medical emergencies. They also increase the efficiency of the nurses who put them to use.

  • Useful in pre-op

Custom trays have made it easier to prepare for surgeries in the pre-operative theater. There are different custom trays for various surgeries that make it easy for you and the rest of the surgical team to prepare for an operation while keeping errors and contaminations at bay.

  • Proper supply of medical tools

Can it get any worse than the medical team missing the necessary instruments for a surgical procedure? Custom procedure trays will save you the burden of finding yourself in such a situation. With CPT, you will have all the tools you need for your surgery.

  • Easy handling of single-use products

Custom procedure trays reduce the risk of getting infections through numerous ways. The trays come with sterilized pre-packed instruments. The risk of cross-contamination has also been reduced since the tools are only used once then disposed of. The unnecessary waste build up is also prevented when performing specific procedures.

Using custom procedure trays will greatly improve your service delivery and save you a great deal of costs that you would otherwise incur.