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Tips for Using Custom Procedure Trays

People who work in the field of medicine care very much about their patients and the process used to care for these patients when they walk into the door whether it be for a quick visit or for an extended stay. General practitioner’s offices, hospitals, urgent care offices, surgical suites and rehabilitation centers all have a very set process used for seeing patients on a daily basis and this process is under constant scrutiny so it can be improved upon. One thing that patients really appreciate is a medical facility that is efficient and fast. Nobody wants to sit around for hours on end waiting for the staff to be ready for them. This isn’t something medical staff wants as well and utilizing custom procedure trays has been a really great way for doctors and nurses to better serve patients. They are affordable and they are also really easy to obtain. A simple change can go a long way so let us look at some tips that can be used to better utilize custom procedure trays in your place of business:

Let Doctors Customize Their Choices

The great thing about custom procedure trays is just that: they are customizable. You can have four doctors on staff that each do the exact same procedure but because they are different providers, they may use different tools for the same job. Each of these doctors can customize their own trays to include the items that they specifically need. This may vary greatly or it might be very subtle. Either way, having different trays for different doctors allows each doctor to improve the patient care that they provide and how efficiently their work is getting done. Each pack is labeled with the tools that are inside and you can also label the packs with the name of the doctor that the package is created for.

Keep Them Rotating

When you use a variety of different procedure trays in one facility there will be constant reordering going on. Since each of these procedure trays will have its own specific expiration date on the pack, you will want to make sure whoever is stocking these trays rotates them so the newer packs go towards the back and the older ones are towards the front where they can be used up first. Good organization is key when it comes to optimal efficiency.

Think About Needs Of The Facility

When you are coming up with ideas for customizable tray options think about the different procedures that your facility provides. You might not think its necessary to have a custom tray on hand for something as simple as stitches but having everything that you need in one place is actually very beneficial.

Keep Them Safe

The place where your custom procedure trays are being stored should be separate from other equipment and away from areas where patients will be. The only people that should have access to these trays should be the doctors using them and their supporting staff. This way you can ensure that the trays remain sterilized and safe. When you are using a custom procedure tray that holds tools for something like an open heart surgery you want to make sure all of the items are safe.

It is so important to reduce unnecessary waste of time in the field of medicine. In an emergency situation, seconds count and if you can save time in one area of the practice and place that saved time onto patient care, this is ideal. Custom procedure trays are easy to order and can be reordered whenever necessary. Fast and safe shipping will provide your facility with the tools needed to save lives.