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Top Airborne Infections Custom Trays Can Get



Someone once said that they cannot go to the hospital since it is the place where sick people are. While this can be a bit humorous, it has a significant element of correctness in it. In a hospital set up, there are numerous airborne infections that can get to the custom procedure trays when in use. In the recent past, there has been an increase in the cases of hospital-acquired infections which sometimes can be dangerous to the point of causing death of an individual. Since custom procedure trays have a myriad of uses in the hospital, the chances are that they will be exposed to disease-causing organisms which are then transmitted to either other patients or even the medical personnel themselves. The most vulnerable of all are those patients with weak immune systems and who are suffering from respiratory infections.

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Chickenpox is an airborne infection which is brought about by the varicella-zoster virus. It is also one of the dangerous infections that can get its way to custom procedure trays when they are in use. If a chickenpox patient is being attended to by a medical practitioner, it should be ensured that proper measures are taken to avoid the virus getting to the custom procedure trays. Because it is a highly communicable disease, the custom procedure trays can spread the disease to other patients within the same ward or hospital. You should, however, understand that you can get chicken only once in a lifetime before the virus goes dormant. So, if you had had a case of chickenpox before, then you should not worry. However, be careful around custom procedure trays since they can contain some other viruses.

The above airborne infections are some of the common ones that often find their way onto custom procedure trays in a hospital set up.