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Understanding Affordable Care Act


The question is,

“Do you understand the Affordable Care Act?”

“Does anyone understand this health care act?”

This law is one of the least understood legislation in Government history. Government officials do not understand this law.

The Affordable Care Act or Obama Care was signed into law before anyone even reads this law in full. While Obama Care was a promise of a better health care system, it has not proved true.

This law has been complicated and confusing to all who try to understand what it says. You probably found this law confusing and frustrating, found costs rising, and in the end decided not to buy into a plan at all and go without health care coverage risking a penalty of at least $600.00

Every part of the medical community is affected by the Affordable Care Act in negative ways. Thousands of custom procedure trays used every day see rising costs.

One thing is for certain, and that is this law significantly and negatively impacts all medical supplies, like custom procedure trays.

There is an incredible mound of paperwork, making up this law. This hard to understand law affects everything and everyone medical, including custom procedure trays.

Two Bright spots to the ACA

  1. Preexisting conditions do not impact your coverage or ability to gain health coverage.
  2. You can keep your doctor

The ACA signed into law so that you could get low-cost health care coverage. You may never find a plan that fits your needs or budget, so you do not buy anything.

The biggest drawback to this plan is if you do not purchase a plan you pay a penalty of up to at least $600.00. If you cannot afford this health care coverage, you certainly cannot afford the penalty.

Originally, each state had to complete the Affordable Care Act process. Some states were confused, and many lacked the understanding of the law forcing the government to step in and complete their process.

The Affordable Care Act is not uniform across all states. While this scheme helps some Medicaid recipients in some states, it does not help Medicaid recipients in other states.

For businesses everywhere who offer health care plans it meant,

  • Lots of new rules
  • Possible benefits?
  • Lot of reporting requirements
  • Higher cost to employers and employees
  • Higher drug costs
  • Cutting the cost of custom procedure trays

Lots of Facts and Myths

  • Doctors are confused
  • Patients are confused and anxious
  • Doctors must deliver care differently
  • Doctors receive reimbursement differently
  • Rises in the cost of medicine
  • Rising cost of custom procedure trays
  • Businesses are worse off
  • Develop innovations such as customizing and sterilization of custom procedure trays on site

Will Things be Worse or Better in 2017?

You can only hope that an Obama Care replacement as promised by the new 2017 Government happens.

The Trump promise is,

  • Make health care simple and easy to understand
  • Affordable for everyone
  • Easy to understand
  • Acceptance of pre-existing conditions
  • Cheaper medicines
  • You can keep your doctor

Even Custom Procedure Trays are Affected

The medical community strives to improve patient care, lower facility costs, and increase the quality of care. For instance, developing on-site custom procedure trays and cut the cost from a middleman.

These new rules affect everyone in the health care field, from doctors to hospitals, to clinics, dentists, eye care, medicine, medical equipment such as custom procedure trays, essential to quality patient care.

President Elect Trump promises to make health care simpler, easier to read, and genuinely affordable for everyone, lowering costs for medical supplies like custom procedure trays, and medicine, by replacing this hard to understand ACA.