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Ways to Disinfect Custom Trays

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A custom tray is one of the necessary instruments you will find in a hospital setup. There are used in a myriad of ways, especially during surgeries. Due to its importance, a custom tray should be disinfected or sterilized each time it wants to be used and before it is stored to keep away from germs. Until recently, the most advanced of technologies were only available in big, established hospitals. Nevertheless, currently, there is a growing demand for high-tech disinfection techniques in a plethora of professions. By simply following the following simple steps, you will have achieved disinfection for your custom tray, and it will, therefore, be safe for use in a medical situation.

  • Prepare the custom tray for disinfection

Move the custom tray from the area where it was being used to another area where you are going to start the procedure. This should be the area where you disinfect other medical equipment like a contamination area. This move will help to curb the chances of contamination of the other parts in the room or surfaces within the workplace. When moving the custom tray, ensure they are covered and moved in plastic bags, containers or carts.

  • Wear the right clothes

Before handling any contaminated custom tray, you need to dress up appropriately. Workers in areas where decontamination and sterilization are done should always be in protective clothing including scrubs and other moisture resisting clothing. As well, do not forget the shower covers rubber or plastic gloves and not forgetting a hair net and other covering.

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