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Ways to Dispose Custom Trays


A custom tray is a great way to make the theatre or lab organized. They are easy to use and more often than not adapted to the task at hand. Stacking and storing tends to be easy and convenient. The greatest problem comes at the point of disposal. Disposing off used custom trays safely is not only required by the law but also ethical. There is a variety of ways to accomplish this.

What is Expected of You?

After using your custom tray, you are expected to completed dispose it off in a preferably non-harmful way. This means that the disposal should not only be thorough but also as eco-friendly as possible. Any biohazardous material should be processed and deactivated before disposing off the trays.

The first step to a successful disposal is by classifying your custom tray with respect to what they were processing.

  • General waste category involves anything that could pass as domestic waste. Custom trays containing water or other domestic safe matter belong to this category
  • Biohazardous category should handle anything that you wouldn’t process without wearing heavy protective gear. This could be trays for incubating bacteria or running tests on risky cultures
  • Chemical waste category for trays used to process biohazardous or non-hazardous components using chemicals that aren’t safe to the environment
  • The amount of custom trays you have in each batch

You must note that the classification here is just but an example of what you can do. Your specific classification will vary depending on what you actually used the custom tray to do.

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