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CPT Medical

Sterile and Non-Sterile Kits


Every procedure carried out within the medical profession requires specific equipment to do the procedure. This medical environment can include,

  • Hospital operating rooms
  • Hospital beside treatments and procedures
  • A doctor’s office of any and all types
  • Custom Trays in a dental office
  • Eyecare offices
  • Laboratories
  • Clinics and anywhere a sterile or non-sterile medical kit are needed.

When there is an absence of microorganisms in a procedure kit, it is deemed as sterile. A non-sterile kit protects the patient against pathogenic microorganisms such as in the use of custom trays.

Why Prepackaged Sterile and Non-sterile Kits?

Medical kits are, for the most part, assembled and put together by many different companies and shipped to their health care destination, like dentist offices.

These companies collect specific tools and equipment in each kit specified to the procedure they are intended, such as custom trays. Prepackaged kits save time and money for the medical professional and patient.

Prepackaged sterile and non-sterile kits adhere to universal protocols and are compliant with global rules and regulations.

Difference between Sterile and Non-sterile

Medical kits can be sterile; meaning free of any and all bacteria and germs, and microorganisms.

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