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What Are Standard Packs?


Many medical clinics, surgeons’ offices, doctors’ offices, hospitals (patient floors, emergency rooms, operating room suite,) ophthalmic offices, dental offices, perform surgical procedures or specific treatments no matter how small the setting tends to use standardized surgical trays.

Different surgeries require different tools, the doctor may designate the number and type of instruments they need to do the procedure correctly.

Why Use Standardized or Custom-Made Surgical Packs?

Standard and custom procedure trays save time and money for the facility. The facility does not need to hire additional staff and purchase sterilization ovens and equipment to assemble packages for procedures and treatments on site.

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procedure tray. A list of items contained in standard packs is sent to third party companies who arrange and sterilize these standard kits.

A standard, custom procedure trays contain a minimum of the following. If the medical team wants customized procedure trays, a list of additional items is sent to the company.

These other elements are added to kits. Thus the packages are tailored for certain procedures. These sterilized packages are then delivered to customers.

The Standard Pack may contain,

  • 9 X 10 three tray compartments
  • 9 X 4 two tray compartments
  • 8 X 5 1/2 tray foam
  • A blue absorbent towel
  • Dry sponge prep Wing
  • Dry sponge prep stick
  • Plastic cotton tip applicator
  • Wood, cotton tip applicator
  • Poly drape paper towel (20 X 20)
  • Poly drape paper towel (23 X 38)
  • Drape towel wrap
  • Gel PVP 4-ounces screw top
  • Nitrile exam gloves
  • Scrub PVP 4-ounce bottle
  • Paint PVP 4-ounce bottle

In Conclusion

Gone are the days where medical facilities had a responsibility to set aside a special autoclave room to package and sterilize standard custom procedure trays.

Many third party companies have set up business to supply different medical services with custom procedure trays and customized packing for specific operations, procedures, and treatments according to an individualized list of components in each package.

Facilities realized long ago that contracting this service out to companies saved them time, money, and decreased errors in packaging. Pre packaged custom procedure trays save time, money, and increases patient quality of care.