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Major Benefits of Custom Trays

Custom trays are fully assembled trays that contain all the equipment necessary for medical professions to conduct a surgical procedure in the operating room. The single use instruments in the pack are usually arranged in the order and amount by which they are used. The items in the pack are usually delivered in a single hygienic parcel in the surgical room. The utilization of custom trays in medical facilities has brought about many benefits including reduced costs, efficient disposal of medical wastes, delivery of proper and professional services, and increased patient safety among others. Some of the major benefits of custom trays are hereby discussed;

Increased efficiency

The utilization of custom trays can come in handy during life or death situations depending on how they are used. When a patient is on the operating “table,” even a second that can be wasted to look for an instrument matters a lot as it may claim the patient’s life. Custom trays can save that patient’s life since all the required tools are placed in one spot, and all are properly sterilized and ready for use. All will go down well in the operating room if the packs are situated at a location that is easy to access.

Single use instruments

Custom trays reduce the risk of getting infections since they come with sterile pre-packed instruments. There is a very low risk of cross-contamination since the products are for single use only after which they are discarded. The trays also prevent unnecessary waste build up when performing certain procedures.

Saves on costs

The initial overall cost for producing a custom tray may be higher than standardized packs but it’s less costly in the long run. It is also less costly to invest on custom trays than buying separate tools. Moreover, you get to avoid purchasing tools that are not necessary for your procedure. Most facilities have professed that using customized items has made them utilize necessary tools more efficiently and save them a huge deal of money in the long run. You can purchase custom packs for more urgent matters and utilize standard trays for non-emergency procedures.

Ease of clean up

Did you know that custom trays can reduce the carbon print of your facility? The trays achieve this by minimizing the amount of packaging material used in packing separate items. This protects the environment since you will have less waste bags to worry about.

Expiration time is clear

All customized trays are given a best before date after which the package must be discarded. The date is important and professionals are required to adhere to it to avoid disaster and achieve maximum results. The producers make the dates while keeping the safety of everyone involved in mind. The method of sterilization used for the instruments in the pack and the type of tools inside each pack usually determine the expiration date. Although the tools in the custom tray may remain well, the sterile fluid surrounding them usually becomes compromised after a while. However, most packages last for long before the need to replace them arises. The integrity of custom trays can therefore not be questioned

Custom surgical trays can be used in various ways and in different settings including; surgical centers, hospitals, medical offices, and hospitals. Saving of resources and time, and the reduced burden of sorting, organizing, and buying separate tools for different procedures make these trays preferable by professionals. Most importantly, custom trays put the focus on patients and their health and well-being.