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What Are The Reduction in Labor Cost

The proof of the vital expediency which is served along with precise and vital procedure operation is found in the overall state of the hospital’s Operating Room management and procurement changes, plus the diminishing of unnecessary waste. This has been recorded globally by hospital institutions who are dedicated to lowering their cost patterns and increasing their logistics for patient treatment success.


Professor Michael Greiling, Faculty of Economics, Gelsenkirchen University of Applied Sciences, in Gelsenkirchen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany and popularly known as Fachhochschule Gelsenkirchen, has recently released the expert opinion that his hospital:

“…has saved more than 1060 hours across the Operating Room process, from ordering materials through waste removal. This equates to the reduction of more than 40% compared with professionals working without procedure pack Custom Trays.”

This statement follows the same line of professional logistics voiced by major health care institutions around the world. Custom trays present the same savings in labor costs in Asia as in the USA, as cutting expense and increasing the quality of care benefits hospital Operating Rooms worldwide.

Rate of Savings in Labor Costs

The areas most affected positively in cost reduction and improved health care are:

  1. Pre-op Theaters are quickly set up for procedures;
  2. The labor times expended in performing professional duties by nurses, aids and interns is lessened due to expedience of custom trays;
  3. Clean up of Operating Room is expedited and displays more efficiency in less time;
  4. Waste disposal is cut an estimated 48% due to the advent of the custom trays and their impact upon the human labor required for maintenance.
  5. Less need for nurse professional time in prep and clean up provides more time with patient care.
  • Stress Relief and Efficiency

Administrative costs, time and stress endured by professional personnel are greatly diminished by the custom OR procedure trays because of the accomplishments of having supplies stocked and at hand with safety as a priority.

  • Further Nursing, Hospice, and Home Care Uses

The advantages of custom trays are cost effective relative to having procedurally dedicated custom trays prepared and readily on hand for the intervention and treatment of:

  • wounds,
  • falls
  • patient injuries
  • other injuries requiring treatment associated with daily nursing care.

The facility’s personnel stress is reduced and the professional efficiency greatly increased when the duty nursing staff have the advantages of custom procedure packages immediately on hand for an emergency. The immediate treatment can also initiate the beneficial lowering of audit records due to injuries that might be incurred without the custom trays.

  • Personnel Training Costs

As custom trays for Operating Rooms and single use procedures become the commonplace features accepted and used in hospitals, clinics and emergency facilities around the world, the costs for professional training nurses, interns, and aids in the assembling of surgical room procedure packs will be minimal compared to today. The packs are ordered assembled, sterilized and ready for use when they arrive at the hospital Operating Room. Their custom preparation is handled by another support unit of health care, saving great labor costs for professionals training to perform the surgeries themselves.

Custom trays of Operating Room and special procedures, including single procedure trays, are win-win solutions benefiting the patient’s health care and treatment success and the hospital facility’s cost effectiveness across all logistic levels.