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What’s Included in Procedure Packs


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What You Need

A procedure pack’s contents may best be summarized with the term “custom tray”. A custom tray will generally be customized by the surgeon, orthodontist, or dentist who is using it. If, for example, you were working on the spine, common inclusions in a given spine pack are:

  • A Benzoin Ampule
  • 5 by 7.5 Foot Table Cover, Super HD
  • 3/4 Sheet Drape of 53 and 77 Inches
  • Needle, 22GX1.5″
  • Spinal Needal, 18GX3.5″
  • Needle Counter, 40-Count
  • Telfa Pad, Non-Adhesive (8″x3″)
  • Petri Dish
  • Pitcher, 1,200 CC
  • Lap Sponges, X-Ray Detectable, 18X18 Inches (10)
  • Neuro Sponges, X-Ray Detectable, 5X5 Inches (10)
  • Neuro Sponges, X-Ray Detectable, 3X5 Inches (10)
  • Neuro Sponges, X-Ray Detectable, 1X1 Inches (10)
  • Blue OR Towels (15)

Custom Trays To Fit Specific Needs

Whatever kind of custom tray you choose, you have the ability to add whatever necessary items you would like. A procedure pack can be fitted with the regular needs of a specific procedure as outlined in textbooks from varying sources. Additionally, you can make your own custom tray that includes more items. You may have some patients who require additional neuro sponges, and the forty of varying sizes included in regular packs may not cut it. Perhaps you prefer to have additional syringes in your custom tray, because you’ve had several close calls where such were needed in a hurry. Perhaps there are even items in this spine pack that you feel have been left out, and you’d prefer to add them. With a custom tray, you have that ability.

Professional Custom Tray Provision

While it is possible for you to create your own custom tray at your practice with a minimum of difficulty, the problem is you’ll have to source items like those listed on your own time. Many medical practices have a supply division that manages such resources. Oftentimes in these scenarios, supplies are bought and paid for by clinics through a variety of vendors at different prices. If surgical procedural packs are made on-site, it may require the allocation of medical workers’ time. As a matter of fact, you’ll likely need several employees just to ensure each custom tray has the right equipment and is properly sterilized.

Or, you can cut out all that unnecessary infrastructure and instead order procedure packs that fit your clinic’s regular patients. While you may get outliers, then you can use local staff to put together surgical equipment for such a statistically minimal scenario. For everything else, it makes plenty of sense to order custom trays fitted to your needs in advance. You should have several custom tray families; one for backup, and one for regular use. A third group is not a bad idea either, should difficulties manifest.

Final Considerations

With the ability to consolidate local resources and ensure each custom tray you order fits your specifications, it’s easy to see the appeal of this medical innovation. Having a custom tray or procedure pack handy in an emergency could very well save a person’s life. While it makes sense to maintain sterilization means on any facility, it also makes sense to plan for situations where there’s no time to book an appointment. Life doesn’t always stick to a schedule book.

Between the convenience of off-site resource consolidation and presentation, the savings that are rendered to your practice’s infrastructural and purchasing divisions, and the benefit of having immediate access to necessary surgical supplies in a possible emergency, there are a lot of things which recommend custom trays. More than being available, their customizable quality ensures you get what you need, when you need it, how you like it.