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Where Should Custom Tray Be Stored


Custom procedure trays are a great way to improve throughput in the operation room. They ensure that the surgeon has an almost instant access to the tool he or she needs since the team knows exactly where to reach out and get the tool. They are a standardization that makes theater rooms for different procedures similar while doing away with on-station disinfection and preparations.

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s shown that microorganisms, pathogens and other biological agents might infect the trays no matter how well you store them. Monitoring the custom procedure trays constantly and preventing vectors like water from accumulating in the storage area will improve on the viability of packages.

Follow the Manufacturer Directions

Apart from just owning a decent storage area, you should always follow the manufacturer’s storage and monitoring guidelines. This is important since while some packages can be stacked, others will be damaged if pressured.

Take the time to know exactly how you should handle each tray long before placing an order. This will not only help you customize the storage area but also give your staff a chance to learn how to deal with the custom procedure trays once they arrive.

Order Three Families of the Trays

The best way to keep your surgical room supplied no matter what lies in ordering a different type of custom procedure trays packaging. Those for immediate use come in flimsier easy to open packages. Their backups are stored in tougher packages while the third backup will almost always withstand contamination better than the rest.

Such a plan will ensure that you have something to go by when all fails. Couple this with a solid inventory management program and you get the best way to keep your custom trays serviceable for as long as you need it. A dedicated manager who is in charge of keeping the storage area clean and inspecting everything on a daily basis will help you keep everything in check.

Custom procedure trays are a great way to improve efficiency and widen profit margins without affecting performance. Keeping yours viable for longer will help you bring this goal into reality.