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Who uses sterile procedure packs?

Primarily An Operational Innovation

The custom tray has become a regular feature of the surgical theater, though it isn’t only used by surgeons. Dentists and orthodontists also use custom trays that have been pre-sterilized when the job calls for it. The primary key which brings everyone together is operation. Generally, a custom tray is used in an area where some procedure pertaining to modern health or medicine is being applied to a given patient. Sometimes that procedure involves surgery of the open-heart variety. Sometimes it’s as simple as a teeth-cleaning. Either scenario requires trays that have been properly disinfected beforehand. If they come custom, there are a number of things which recommend them to conventional trays, including:

  • Greater Accuracy in Sterilization
  • Increased Efficiency In Operation
  • Procedural Simplification

Custom trays don’t have to rely on an intern’s inexperience to remain properly sterilized. Whether or not you have sterilization equipment on-site (recommendable should the unexpected happen), a custom tray put together by internal personnel will likely be qualitatively inferior to one constructed by a company who specifically specializes in these trays’ development. Additionally, there’s the time element to consider. If you’re operating a dental practice, you’ll easily see forty or more patients a week. If each custom tray requires ten minutes’ preparation, that’s four hundred minutes, or six hours and forty minutes. In the end, that’s twenty-six hours and forty minutes a month which could have been devoted to something else. Even at only five minutes per tray (including sterilization, organization, wrapping, and storage), you’re still looking at just shy of thirteen and a half hours a month. That’s too much valuable time being wasted. And, no matter how passionate your internal personnel, they just won’t be able to sterilize a custom tray for you with the same level of proficiency that a professional option can. In the end, you should get a better tray that’s efficiently produced and delivered to you, simplifying procedures by taking the organizational component away and only requiring you find proper storage.

Ensuring Safe Operations

You should take any measure necessary to ensure that whichever operational procedures you’re conducting, they’re being conducted with the utmost safety and security. A custom tray can add quite a bit of security to any practice, and its easy to see why so many who regularly perform operations involve themselves with this new medical innovation.

The complications of the human body aren’t always predictable, even with modern means of treatment. The key to a custom tray is in the first word. Customization allows you to bring what experience you’ve had medically to the table, and ensure that your tray has precisely those instruments you require when the need arises. Additionally, it saves you the time of categorizing and cleaning everything yourself. Just have your custom tray order delivered, and when a patient walks in you can grab one and get to work.

Ordering Several Tray Families

It’s good to have the main battery of custom trays available in a safe storage location, and it’s better to have a second group available should you run out of the first. It’s best to have three total groups of custom trays. One is for backup, and the third is to backup the first backup. Sometimes a custom tray shipment may be mixed with another practice’s. In that event, expect the error to be rectified immediately and with all haste. But if you haven’t prepared for it, operations will be stilted for the day. Should a life and death scenario arrive, you’ll have to sterilize your own implements in a non-controlled sanitized environment. This is one reason ordering backups makes good sense.