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Why Are Custom Surgical Trays Important?

The operating room is one of the costliest areas of patient care, yet it is also one of the most important.  According to researchers, more than 25 percent of overall medical costs are incurred in the operating room. How can you reduce costs and save time in the operating room? One way is through the use of custom surgical trays. Here are some of the reasons that custom surgical trays are advantageous in the operating room.

Save Time

A customized surgical tray can reduce operating room time expenditures by more than 40 percent, according to research. With a custom surgical tray, everything that is needed is easily accessible, reducing the need for medical personnel to spend time organizing their materials and supplies. This also helps lower emergency response times, as well as routine set-up times.

Increase the Quality of Care

A custom surgical tray eradicates the need for in-house staff to assemble surgical trays. This allows caregivers to improve the quality of care by focusing on the patient, rather than spending time setting up surgical trays.

Reduces the Chance of Contamination

Using custom surgical trays in the operating room helps reduce the risk of contamination. All of the items needed for surgery are meticulously packaged together and available in one sterile package.

Utilizing a custom surgical tray is an easy way to reduce contamination, obtain cost savings and streamline operating room procedures.