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Why are custom trays beneficial for emergency procedures


A custom tray is a pre-prepared tray that is used by doctors that are equipped with medical equipment that is used for various medical procedures. Some of the trays may include:

  • Dressing
  • Surgical Blades
  • Surgical swabs
  • Forceps
  • Sterile Field drapes among others

Custom trays have been found to be efficient and have been used by various medical professionals this is why:

They save on cost.

Many costs that are incurred by doctors are hidden costs that are associated with the preparation of certain procedures. The acquisition of custom trays ensures that doctors are able to reduce employee downtime. The staff can be able to use the saved time to work on another patient and reduce time spent on- site preparation.If a hospital has good sterilization procedures they may be able to sterilize and reuse the equipment

They save time

Time is an important resource and in an emergency room, it’s the thin line between life and death. Custom trays enable the doctors to be able to have all they need close to them hence they can carry out their work efficiently. They also save time because the trays are pre-prepared and there will be on-site preparation.

Customization Advantage

Custom trays enable a doctor to be able to customize the equipment that they require for an emergency procedure. Doctors face a variety of cases and no two surgeries are the same, the risks are different and the procedures are different. Custom trays enable the doctors to be able to order for the common emergency procedures that they usually handle. This enables the team to be ready to handle any situation they face and save lives.

Help minimize human error.

We are all human and once in a while, we make errors. In medicine, errors are costly since they involve human life. Custom trays provide quality control to emergency procedures. Errors are more likely to happen when the equipment is prepared on site with limited time. Having a prepared tray ensures that the doctors have all they need for any emergency procedures and reduce error.

Increases medical emergency response time

Another reason why the custom trays are used it to increase the response time. Having a custom tray enables the doctors to be able to act swiftly to the casualties and serve many patients since they use less preparation time

Increases quality of patient care

The aim of any you as a doctor is to ensure that you give the best quality service to your patients and the custom tray you to do just that. This because you will have a faster response time, all you need will be within your reach and most of all you will be very efficient.