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Why Is It Important to Sterilize Custom Surgical Trays

Saving Lives, Not Losing Them

When surgery is conducted, one of the most important items in maintaining universal sterility is a tray which can be speedily sterilized and utilized. There are several ways to do this, but custom trays are definitely the most recommendable option. Custom trays have the advantage of individualization to match personal procedural ethic, whereas trays that have not been custom-designed may require adjustment, taking time. Time is life in medicine, so this is surely intolerable. Many of the most important medical advancements of the twentieth and twenty-first century involved means of proper sterilization which quantifiably yielded increases in recovery. Custom trays have become increasingly popular, and their effectiveness at facilitating success in operation has been scientifically proven.

The Disposable Option

Sterilizing a tray can be time consuming. Even if there is a process of sterilization which rotates trays on a regular basis such that a steady supply is available, maintaining that sterilization can be a nightmare. It is much easier to sterilize a group of custom trays in a professional manufacturing setting, including all the necessary pieces of equipment the trays will be used to support, and send those trays in bulk to the surgeons that require them. The only downside is expense; but without life, there can be no money. Anything that saves time, and therefore life, will ultimately yield greater monetary support. It may seem an overtly clinical way of examining the situation, but it is nonetheless accurate. Taking too long on a delicate procedure can end a person’s life, just as going to quickly about your business can. When a tray is unreliable, it can increase awkwardness in use, which may be lethal.

Custom Trays Offer Dependable Sterilized Solutions, But Do Have Limitations

Statistically, it is impossible for any operation to operate with one hundred percent accuracy and efficiency. Any statistic, projection, or computer that says otherwise is itself the one percent error hidden from the figure, as there are always existential exigencies that cannot be ignored. With custom trays, sometimes manufacturing companies will send out the wrong items, and the wrong trays. While there are a great variety of medical procedures requiring sterilization and custom trays (read: pretty much all of them), many of those custom trays end up looking the same, and being about the same size. This can lead to confusion on the operating table. Imagine an emergency where a patient is rushed in, you get scrubbed down for surgery, grab your custom tray–and find that it got switched for some dentist’s order one block north of you. It has happened before. The way to guard against this is to order in duplicate, and to ensure your custom trays have been verified in their size, shape, sterilization, and contents before stocking them in your operating areas. The more high-profile the agency producing the custom trays is, the more likely they will deliver shipments without making a mistake. But again, no organization anywhere operates at true one hundred percent efficiency. That said, when a more high-profile maker of custom trays mistakenly delivers the wrong product, they will replace it with the right one free of charge. This is an integral question to ask before you make any bulk orders of custom trays. It doesn’t matter how well-sterilized your operating theatre is if you’ve been given the wrong tools to perform a procedure.

Sterility Maintains Vitality

The human body can fight off a number of things, but in a delicate operation, it shouldn’t have to. Get custom trays pre-sterilized and pre-packaged for maximum time retention and applicability, yielding quantifiable success in operation.